Monday, December 5, 2011

Mystery and More

Quiltville's Mystery is so much fun!
Here are a few of the 150 blocks for Part 3 that I finished yesterday.  Only 200 more! 350 sounds like a lot but they are small so they are quick to make.   I tried to use my darker blues so these have a bit more contrast than the step one mini hourglass. 

This is how they look on the my design wall with the other clues.   Hmmm, I can't even imagine what Bonnie has in mind but I like it so far.  I am using greens in place of her reds and cannot wait to add them, hopefully in the next step.

This past week I made 2 more Civil War blocks and am thinking of a layout.  Only a few more weeks left for this.  I have to go back and finish a few I skipped but want to add in.  I recently bought the red fabric with the birds and I plan to use it again if I can.

This is one of the quilts I quilted last week for my family.  I began piecing this a few years ago, just starting with half square triangles and this is what I came up with.  So glad to be quilting some of these tops that have been waiting for me.    The quilting is an freehand scrolling feather.

 I have it hanging on a spring curtain rod in front of the fireplace to help keep out the cold drafts.  My son, Adam,  took the one we used there before and has it hanging in his dorm.  Evidently he really likes it and I never knew.  Oh, I wish I had a picture to show.

close up of the quilting from the back
On Friday and Saturday I had fun demonstrating the Handiquilter longarm quilting machines at the Quilt Basket during their Holiday open house.
 And last week I finished another customer quilt that I promised to finish before the holidays.

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Always quilting,


Pattilou said...

Wow you've got a lot done towards the Orca Bay Mystery. Good for you. I like what you've done with the HST's and the quilting is great!

Eden said...

fabulous quilting! The mystery is shaping up and looks very interesting as well. I just didn't have the time to do it, but it was tempting!

Candace said...

Your colors are beautiful for your Orca Bay and your other projects are awesome. I love the Civil War blocks.

Debby said...

All your blocks and quilting are wonderful Susan. I wish Bonnie had started her mystery after the holidays. I just knew I'd be far behind before I even started. Maybe another year.

scraphappy said...

Great looking mystery blocks all laid out like that! Figuring out how they will puzzler together is all part of the fun. I'm with you in wanting to see the last color come into play though, hopefully next week.

Sandra in the UK said...

WOW! When you lay out all your blocks like that, you get a true picture of how much piecing has gone into this so far.

Linda said...

Awesome! Love how your blocks look all together. I think I will go do that right now.

Celia said...

Well done on Part3. I'm also doing the cwblocks

Sue Daurio said...

Wow!!! Look at all the blocks for Orca Bay on the design wall, they look fabulous up there like that! Mine are in a tiny little Tote, I think I need to change that. Goodness those strings are incredible, so much color. Can't wait to see your main color :)