Friday, October 21, 2011

This Quilting Week

On Tuesday, I took Linda J. Hahn's workshop at the Warwick Valley Quilters' Guild.

We used the techniques from her book New York Beauty Quilts Simplified.  I only have a little experience with paper piecing but liked using the Electric Quilt sheets she had preprinted for us.  You can see through them and they can stay in the quilt, but are still soft.  Yes, no tearing paper away.

Linda's Scrappy

Linda's Controlled

I chose the Scrappy look, using batiks that I had  in my stash leftover from another project.   I didn't take any close up pictures of my blocks, but I will.  I completed a few in the workshop then went home and made a few more before I forgot everything.  It was addicting and fun to see how each one turned out.  Points cut off? or not.
Susan K., aka the other Susan


Also this week, I quilted a few customer quilts.   Hope to have some pictures of these next time.

This post has taken me soooo long to get together.  I need to learn how to move the pictures around so there isn't so much blank space.  Thanks to Karen at Sew Many Ways for her blogging tips.  I don't think I would do any of this without her step by step instructions.  I learned to link today!

Keep Quilting,
(also the other Susan)

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