Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet

Yes,  I am posting two days in a row.  I want to look back at the month and see what I have been doing and link up with Lilys Quilts.  Even with the extra day, February seemed to go by so quickly.

I haven't taken the time to learn how to make a mosaic of pictures so this will have to do.

Finished One Block Wonder

Four Patch Posie workshop

A few more scrap blocks

Mystery Top Completed

Jelly Roll Quilt top

Also last month, I took three classes to learn about my new sewing machine. 
  And on the business side, I quilted several quilts and made a T shirt quilt.  I either forget to take pictures or I forget to ask permission to show them on my blog.  Hopefully now I will remember.

 Ok... I see why February seemed so busy with sewing and quilting.  Looking forward to visiting some other quilting blogs.  Thanks for stopping by.



Lori said...

Wow! You accomplished so much last month! It looks great!

Sue Daurio said...

Goodness beautiful everything! Your Orca Bay is one of my favorites. I adore your colors. Great job.

Kirsten N said...

These are all so lovely - I really like the colours in your Mystery top!

the running chicken quilting said...

A busy quilter!!

strandkorbtraum said...

I join your "no idea how to do a mosaic" club - you got a lot of things done. And yes please make sure you ask your clients if it's ok to show pictures, I like to look at finished quilts (even though it always make sme feel inadequate).
Ohh and I'm a visitor coming through Lilys Quilts.

Carri said...

WOW... you are an inspiration. I'm just getting into quilting and you are amazing. I'm glad I stopped over from Lilly's Quilts. You have a new follower..


KOcanQuilt said...

Love your Orca Bay top. I had not seen one completed yet.

ScissorsandThread said...

Wow - you have had a busy month. Lovely projects especially like the jelly roll quilt. Am visiting after you commented on my blog thanks!

amy g :) said...

your four patch posie is really unique! love it!

Highland Monkey's said...

Gosh that's a lot of quilts made. Wonder what you are going to do for March!