Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Challenge Quilt #1

 My One Block Wonder is finished!  

Thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times and her UFO Challenge.  

 This month I have been busy quilting for others but I made an effort to save a day to quilt this for myself.   It isn't for a show or a gift or anything special, just for me to hang on the wall in my quilting area.
 The  quilting isn't planned out or fancy.  I played with curls in the border, swirls in the center, and some X's in the small green border. 
 I wish I had a piece of the original fabric but it was something old that I had around and I ended up using it all for the top.  I love this pattern and hope to make another someday with some really beautiful fabric and be sure to save some of the original fabric for the border or back.

I have such a sense of accomplishment just because I finished this and crossed it off the list.
  Why did it take two years to quilt this?  Why do we have UFO's at all and need a challenge to get them finished?  I don't think there is one answer, just something to think about. 
Anyway,  I am glad to be able to share this finish with you and look forward to seeing all the other #1's worked on this month. 
 Thanks again to Judy and her link today.



Cheryl said...

Beautiful.....I want one!

JCnNC said...

You have a very successful finish. Good work. JudyCnNC

Ellen said...

Very nice - your close-ups are gorgeous! So glad it will be displayed instead of hidden away unfinished.

Jennifer said...

looks great! i just finished a OBW, and used peacock fabric. it turned out really stunning. the fabric does make all the difference!

dianehobbit said...

Very clever, wonderful quilting.