Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some ripping and some sewing


 Yesterday, I tried a new freehand feather on one of my own quilts and didn't like how it was turning out ... so rip rip rip.  After I took it off the frame and started to tear it out, I glanced at it from a distance and realized it looked pretty good.  It think it would have helped to walk away, take a break, and look at it from a distance.   Next time. 
 I try not to be too critical of my work but when you are only a few inches from the stitches it sooo easy to see all imperfections.

I quilted this table runner recently for a gift.  No ripping out here.  

 I have been piecing a lot lately. And not unsewing.

Some "old" flying geese with added green strips to make a table topper.

Civil War Blocks

I hadn't worked on the Civil War Block of the Week  for months.  I decided to get back to it and make at least the ones I like until I have enough for a quilt.  
Mini Bookshelf
Idea from Don't Call Me Betsy

Now I think I will load the flying geese table topper and try the new feather pattern again.  I can't wait to get comfortable with it so I can offer it to customers.  

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Anonymous said...

how love-ie your work is Susan Found your site thanx . Renee

Carla said...

Hi Susan. I came over from Linda's blog. I love your civil war blocks. A girl after my own heart. I look forward to seeing your Orca mystery quilt. I know of another bloggger who is doing that one. I will be back soon to check your progress. Have a great week.