Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Ironing Board, Door, and Table.

My design wall still holds the Civil War blocks that I showed last post with no progress. 
  So today I am featuring my design ironing board, design door, and design  table.

The ironing board holds Orca Bay.  I am getting close to finishing the top now.  It looks like swiss cheese because I decided to replace some of the lighter pink string blocks with medium or dark ones.  The lighter ones were kind of washed out.  Luckily I made a few extra in medium /dark during that step.

The design door holds the almost finished border strips.  I forgot to make the hourglass blocks for the center of the top and bottom strips, but that won't take long.  Again with luck, I had enough cream colored scraps for the triangles.  Not much variety but enough to finish.

And on the design table are some crumb blocks.

Why did I make these this weekend?  
Well, because on Friday, I talked to a quilting friend about using "crumb" scraps to make blocks and usable fabric, so the technique was on my mind.  Then on Saturday, I was digging through my small scraps looking for some possible 2" leaders and enders.  Then I just started to play around a little. 

Do you like to play with little scraps or do you throw them away?  
 I learned about this from Bonnie Hunter, Jo's Country Junction,  and Bumbles Beans 15 minutes play but I haven't made a whole quilt out of crumbs. Yet. 

This is where I was getting my small scraps.  A recycled animal cracker plastic container from Target.   
It usually sits on the table by my cutting mat, very handy and fun.


These are the 2" leader/enders salvaged from scraps.

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Sue Daurio said...

I LOVE your orca bay colors. I'll sad when you're done and I don't get to see them any more, so take your time ;)

Mrs. DillyDally said...

Wow! You have been busy! Wonderful results! You go girl!

crowefan0517 said...

Enjoyed out talk on Friday. You've had a very busy sewing weekend, unlike me. Your crumb blocks are a great. Hope to see ya tomorrow.