Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday

On Tuesday I took a Four Patch Posie workshop at the Warwick guild. 
 The pattern is from H. D. Designs and has been around for a few years I think. This type of kaleidoscope block is fun to make.  You never know how it will turn out and its fun to play around to see the possibilities.

First block with one sashing 

20 four patches

Original fabric

I really like this project but I will not be rushing to finish.  I want to take it slow and enjoy the process.  I want to feel creative and play around with each stack.  There is no deadline, so I plan to work on it as I concentrate on some of my unfinished quilts.   And try not to feel guilty and ridiculous for starting something new.

This week I have been back to work at the quilting machine.   This is  Sonja's Glacier Star (by Judy Neimeyer). What an amazing quilt!  It was a challenge to quilt because of all the little pieces and angles.  But I am happy with it and I hope she will be too.

 Not the best pictures but they show a little of the quilting, her exceptional piecing and beautiful fabrics.  I will have to try to take more another time.  I am still learning how to take good pictures that show off the details of quilts.

As usual, I am linking with Judy's Design Wall Monday.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to see what else everyone has been creating.



Mrs. DillyDally said...

Wow Susan! Your quilting is have such talent! Very inspiring!

quiltmania said...

You did a wonderful job quilting this quilt! I find the best way to take pictures of quilting is to turn off all but one light that is off to the side. This way the shadows accent the quilting.